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Published by Sunbird Publishing, released January 2018

It was just a faded old photograph of an unknown young woman... And yet somebody at Stonegrove Hall did know her, and didn’t like that she’d surfaced again.
Volunteer room steward Lindsay Walton is intrigued: who was she, and why did her photo provoke such an extreme reaction? A chance encounter leads to stand-up comedian Caroline van Dell getting involved in the search for the mystery woman too, but for very different reasons. As Caroline and Lindsay stagger through their investigations like true amateurs they find that some of the biggest discoveries they make are about themselves and each other. £7.99 + p&p

Published by Sunbird Publishing, released September 2014
978 0 9574080 5 0

When a letter lands on Kate Hatchman’s doormat from a complete stranger in South Africa, claiming to be a relative, her cousins immediately assume it’s a scam. But the writer has a strong case, and Kate wants to believe it... As the 6000 mile gap between them narrows, and two families move closer together, more comes to light than either could have imagined.

Distant Cousins moves between southern England and Cape Town, with the action set against, and affected by, a background of real international events.

£7.99 + p&p

Published by Sunbird Publishing, released October 2012
ISBN: 978 0 9574080 0 5
Also available as an ebook

Looking after an elderly relative isn’t much fun – or is it? Meet six people with two things in common: they’re each first-call carers, and every one of them is struggling. But with the support network of the newly-formed Generation Club behind them they start to get their own lives back, with spin-off benefits – plus some unexpected bonuses for their dependents, too. 

This is a feel-good story of friendship and solidarity which proves the old adage that you get out of life in direct proportion to what you put in. Brought together by their shared circumstances, the Gen Club girls (and guy) find that the end of the tether is a lot further away than they’d imagined...

The Generation Club won the 2008 Yeovil Literary Prize. The judge’s comments were:
‘Clever multiple viewpoint novel concerning the daily life of people with elderly parents. This is delicately, empathetically and amusingly handled. Each character is accessible and we empathise immediately. We see them as a group, they are also well placed in their individual lives. This is superbly organised, thoughtful and relevant to today. Bravo!’  Margaret Graham, bestselling international author, creative writing tutor and judge of the Yeovil Literary Prize.


Finding Bella, £9.99 + p&p
The Generation Club, £7.99 + p&p
Distant Cousins, £7.99 + p&p
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